10 Health Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, a sure-fire stand-by in times of stress, a reliable source of consolation when life has let us down, and a mood-enhancer and romance-inducer in more positive circumstances. Research is continuing all the time, and experts have already found that chocolate is good for the heart, circulation and brain.

Here are ten scientifically established health benefits of dark chocolate

1.It’s good for the heart and circulation

  • Dark chocolate helps restore flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels
  1. It reduces the risk of stroke 
  • Chocolate consumption lowers the risk of suffering a stroke
  • To improve blood flow in the brain and cut the risk of stroke, eat a single bar of dark chocolate once a week
  1. Its rich in minerals
  • Dark chocolate is packed with beneficial minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium
  • 100g bar of dark (70 per cent or more) choc provides 67 per cent of the RDA of iron
  1. It reduces cholesterol
  • Consumption of cocoa has been shown to reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and raise levels of “good” cholesterol
  • Potentially lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • The powerful antioxidants in dark chocolate prevent the oxidization of LDL, in turn reducing risk of heart attacks or strokes
  1. Its good for your skin
  • The flavonols in dark chocolatecan protect the skin against sun damage
  1. It can help you to lose weight
  • A square of good choc melted on the tongue triggers the hormones in the brain that say “I’m full”.
  • Finishing a meal with the same small trigger could reduce subsequent snacking
  • Eating dark chocolate in moderation gives you a more filling effect and lessens your cravings for fatty, sweet and salty foods
  1. Its good for mothers and babies
  • Chocolate reduced stress in expecting mothers
  1. It may prevent diabetes
  • Cocoa improves insulin sensitivity
  • Dark chocolate – in moderation might delay or prevent the onset of diabetes
  1. Dark chocolate is good for the brain
  • Flavanols reduce memory loss in older people
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities of dark chocolate are beneficial in treating brain injuries
  • Dark chocolate improves brain function
  1. Chocolate makes you feel good 
  • Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) chemical which creates feeling like you’re falling in love
  • PEA encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphin’s



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