18 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate

The following 18 signs are when you know you have found your soul mate, in Sikhism it is said that before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. Each soul has a perfect match…this is what you call your soulmate. Although most people think a soulmate is a perfect match, your true spiritual soulmate is the person who is intended to help you complete yourself and make you complete.

18 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate

  1. You just know it

Something deep inside tells you this is the perfect one for you. It’s as if there is a spiritual force pushing you to let go of everything you previously expected and to give of yourself completely.

  1. You have crossed paths before

Soulmates have met each other and a previous time. You may not have connected, but you were in the same place, at the same time.

  1. Your souls meet at the right time

Each person has to be ready to receive the soul connection. Even though my husband and I were in close proximity of each other for many years, we did not meet until the time was right for both of us. You have to be prepared to meet your soulmate.

  1. Your quiet space is a peaceful place 

Being quiet together is comforting like a fluffy blanket on a cold winter night. Whether you are reading in the same room, or driving in the car, there a quiet peace between you both.

  1. You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts

With soulmates, there is such depth to your relationship that you can feel and hear what your partner is thinking, even if it is not verbally expressed.

  1. You feel each other’s pain

You stand in each other’s shoes. You know each other so well, that the second he walks in the door, you can tell how his day was. You feel each other’s feelings: sadness, worry, and stress. And you share each other’s happiness and joy.

  1. You know each other’s flaws and the benefits in them

Yes, it’s true. Our flaws have benefits. Every trait has a positive as well as a negative side. It’s the task of each person to always look for the good, even when things don’t look so good. There is usually a benefit to each flaw. Stubborn people are good decision makers. Overly organized people are great at paying bills on time.

  1. You share the same life goals

You’re both on the same page with values, ethics, and goals. You may have a different way of reaching those goals, but you both want the same end result.

  1. You’re not afraid of having a conversation

Conversations can be challenging. Expressing concerns or attempting to make decisions is uncomfortable. Soulmates know that if they join together, they will be able to work it out.

  1. You are not threatened by the need for alone time

Whether it’s tennis three times a week or girls’ night out, you respect each other’s need for independence, knowing that when you get together, your time alone is special.

  1. You don’t experience jealousy

Pretty girls at the office or handsome personal trainers aren’t a threat to your relationship. You are secure knowing that you are the only one.

  1. You respect each other’s differences and opinions

You know you have different opinions. Often soulmates are polar opposite. At times this is challenging. These are the times when you are being forced to let the other person complete you. You still have your own opinion, but instead of agreeing to disagree, there is a deep level of respect for each other. You listen and honor the differences.

  1. You don’t scream, curse, or threaten each other with divorce

Of course you feel the anger. People unintentionally hurt each other. But soulmates aren’t nasty, hurtful, or punitive.

  1. You give in because you want to make your partner happy

Giving can often occur in unhealthy, co-dependent, or abusive relationships. But soulmates give to each other for the sole purpose of making each other happy.

  1. You know how to apologize

It’s not easy to say “I’m sorry” or admit that you did something that hurt the person you love. Soulmates realize that their actions or words cause harm. Even if they feel justified in their point of view, if their partner was hurt by it, they can easily apologize for the harm they have caused.

  1. You would marry each other again

You know this is the one and only one for you. Even through the tough times, you would choose your partner again. You feel a sense of pride in your partner.

  1. You complete each other

Yes, I’m sorry to say it but, your partner fills in your blanks. No person is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Soulmates complete each other. It’s the yin and yang of perfect harmony. One person may be the extrovert, while one is the introvert. One may be social, while the other a homebody. Soulmates are often opposite that are attracted to a person who has their missing pieces.

  1. Being in each other’s arms washes away all your stress, worries, and anxiety

There is no place you’d rather be at the end of the day but in each other’s arms. There is a warmth in your heart, an inner peace you can feel. No words need to be spoken. All that exists is the silent, blissful union of two souls together. Two souls that were meant to be together eternally


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