4 Reasons Why Rejection Shouldn’t Matter In Your Life

Rejection is an ugly word and not so pleasant, especially if directed at ourselves, none of us like to hear it whatsoever in society.

Nothing in life has a guarantee, but one of them is that you are going to get rejected more times than you could ever hoped to have imagined in life.

It’s not easy to be told you have been rejected for a job you had applied for or even being rejected to get onto your course at university. In fact, your flaws and rejections are what give you that distinct advantage.

4 Reasons Why Rejection Shouldn’t Matter In Your Life

1. The less you care, the more success you will see
  • It’s easy to take being told no, rather than think this way, you need to view rejection as part of the journey of where you intend to go.

In reality, when someone tells you no, what they’re saying is that life has an alternative plan for you. When one door closes then another door opens, which tends to be better than the door that closed.

  • Would you rather people lied to you and made it easy for you? Don’t feel sorry for yourself, take it on the chin & move on.
2. Have confidence & belief in yourself
  • Part of the reason we do get rejected is because we don’t have the confidence to deliver what we believe in.No one is going to say yes to a request you ask of them if you don’t believe in what you’re saying.
  • Nothing is easy at the start, but when you look back at yourself and have faith in the outcome, it’s amazing how the universe aligns to support you in every step.
3. Life is a game about selling
  • We are not all gifted with the skill of sales and selling, but the best salespeople embrace rejection, and they’re not afraid to be told no.
  • Your life is one giant sales negotiation made up of hundreds of requests and rejections, we are not always going to be told yes – we must learn how to deal with the rejections and move on.
  • See through all of the detail and know just how your life is in your favor. If we don’t appreciate the finer things in life, then how will we see the good things in our life? Appreciate what you have and grow with it.
4. When one door closes another door opens
  • Our existence can be thought of as a series of sliding doors, as we progress through our life, we open and close different doors. Some doors lead to nothing and mean nothing to us where as other doors have a rainbow behind them and are just what we were looking for.
  • However, there is an unlimited amount of doors for you to open during your life time. While you don’t choose whether they close, you can choose to keep opening more doors. Many times the best doors we open are the one’s that appear straight after the doors that slam close on us.

Life is not a competition to see how many doors we can open and not have close on us; it is part of our goal to focus our attention on the doors that have a positive impact on our lives & to embrace the changes which come with the opening and closing of these doors.

Your feelings towards rejection have a lot to do with how much you suffer from it and how determined you are to still achieve success. However, it is down to your to turn it into a positive outcome.


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