4 Ways To Succeed With Your Hustle On The Side

There are loads of people out there who have a brilliant ideas for starting their own business. You may even be one of them, yet a significantly lower number of people actually go on to start their own business and doing what they actually enjoy doing.

So what is it that keeps you from going from column A to column B? Execution? Fear? In the beginning it is hard to cultivate a new hobby that could turn into something more than just an idea in your head. You can set yourself up for success, only if you know how too take it further than just an idea.

How do we make sure we gain success with our side hustle when we are doing it alongside our day job? We still need the income and security of the day job, but we know the side hustle will take off if we put in maximum effort.

4 Ways To Succeed With Your Hustle On The Side

1. Plan your time when you get home from the day job
  • It’s easy to get back after a 30-minute commute, put your feet up on the sofa and relax; and waste the evening away infront of the television or on the smartphone. You have four precious hours from when you set foot through that door to when you go to bed, make them count and use that time to input towards your bigger goal.
  • At the beginning of the week write down how many spare hours you’re going to have after work. Factor in your commute from your place of work and time for food preparation. Then build a plan for that week and set realistic goals with times alongside which you can assess your performance against each day.

2. Squeeze extra hours out of the day

  • What time does the average worker wake up to leave for work? about 6.30am?  How much more could you get done if you woke up at 5:30am, and left at the same time of 7:30am? Those two hours you have to grind towards success, whilst everyone else is sleeping and farting around in bed, whilst you are building bigger things.
  • Committing to two extra hours every morning you’ll walk into your day job with the following mindset:
  1. You’ll be much more positive as you’ve already made a change to your life that morning.

2. You’ll feel more energised compared to the other staff at your day job.

3. Write ideas down during the day

  • We can use the day job to our advantage, by finding solutions to problems. The problem is we’re not at our desks at home to act on them straight away.
  • This is where the single most important object of my life comes in, your notebook. Write down whatever comes to mind, don’t think, just write. You may think you’re writing down the silliest idea you’ve ever had, but trust me that’s when the best ideas can come.
  • Then when you get home you can scan through your notebook picking out all your ideas, thoughts and solutions. There will be some gems in there that you would have forgotten about.

4. Remember your day job doesn’t define you as a person

  • In this day and age people are impressed by the letters after their names, or titles on their business cards. No job title will ever define you as a person and what you are really worth.
  • The head of a company may have Director on their business card, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a leader and great at what they do; it might just mean they are great at instilling fear into people.
  • You have so many talents that can not be written on a business card: “Go-getter, Personal Developer, An Inspiration, Motivator”. These are the real traits that will get you far in life so stop comparing yourself to your manager or your director.

These steps are foundations to help turn your side hustle into your everyday hustle and this is what will make you stand out from the crowd and your colleagues at the day job. It will take hard work, but trust me it will be sweeter than any promotion given to you by someone else, because you will have done it yourself with your sheer determination and mindset.


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