5 Clever Beauty Hacks To Save Time

We all know that feeling: You’re getting ready for a night out, a holiday party, dinner with friends…and you totally overdid it on the makeup. Now you have to take everything off, start your makeup all over, andbe out the door in just a few minutes? We have put together 5 clever beauty hacks that will save you…

5 Clever Beauty Hacks To Save Time

You smudged your eyeliner – You will need a cotton swab

  • Even professionals can slip and end up with a less precise line than they had hoped for. To fix eyeliner mistakes without having to start all over again, dip a cotton swab in makeup remover or even a simple moisturizer and drag the swab below the line to reshape it. Once you have your eyeliner look complete, apply eye shadow if desired.

You over did it on the blush – You will need a foundation brush or sponge

  • Okay, so you went a little over the top with the blush or bronzer, here is how to soften the shade. Grab the makeup brush that you used to apply the foundation and lightly dab it over your cheeks, the foundation on your makeup brush will diffuse the colour and add to your glowing complexion.

You Smudged your manicure – You will need nail varnish (Obvious or not?)

  • Smudged your nail varnish because you were in a rush? Lightly dip a cotton swab into nail varnish remover, then gently swipe over the smudge to redistribute the nail varnish, finish your nails with a quick dry topcoat to even everything out.

You have static hair – You will need hair spray

  • Lightly mist hair spray gently over your hairbrush before combing through your hair, this will ensure your hair isn’t static and is kept in place with the hair spray – make sure you don’t over do it with the hair spray too much.

You have sparkly eye shadow fall out – You will need scotch tape

  • The best way to remove sparkles that cling to everything is with a piece of tape. Carefully tap it over your skin to lift of tiny flecks of glitter without disturbing the rest of your makeup. Dampening your eye shadow brush will help prevent the sparkles from going everywhere but your eye lids.
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