7 Ways to Hide A Hangover

It’s happened to the best of us at times, you’ve gone on a night out and had one too many, and now you’ve got wake up and face work. You’re lying in bed as the fear sets in, wondering how you’re going to face your boss and co-workers in the morning, what do you do? Follow our 7 ways to hide a hangover & no one will tell a thing!

  1. Dont Skip The Shower

As much as you want to lie in bed for that extra 15 minutes of blissful sleep, don’t do it. There’s no fooling yourself, you will still smell like the pub/club. The benefits of a shower are worth getting up for as it both wakes you up and gets the smell of alcohol/cigarette smoke off you.

  1. Perfume it up

This in combination with the shower is sure to be successful. Bit of deodorant here, bit of perfume there, spray a haze of it around you and you’re good to go. Quick tip: Probably best to pick your strongest perfume on this occasion.

3.Dress to Impress

Avoid the comfortable tracksuit pants and loose jumpers, and pull out a nice bright shirt with a fashionable pair of trousers. Dressing brightly and professionally gives the impression that you’re ready for whatever the work day has to throw at you, and that you most certainly aren’t suffering with a hangover.

  1. All about the Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul – and also to the hangover. Invest in a good, heavy, thick concealer to cover up the dark circles under your eyes. Interestingly, if you can get your hands on an orange concealer and put that on first, it’ll cancel out the purple. Then layer your normal skin coloured concealer on top of that, no one will ever know.

Use two coats of mascara and white/skin colour on the inside of the eye and on your lower water line to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter and to wake up tired looking eyes.

  1. Chewing Gum/ Mouth Wash

In your car, you handbag, or your coat pocket, make sure you have chewing gum handy. Sometimes brushing your teeth just doesn’t do the trick, and chewing gum is the extra bit of help you need. Nothing worse than having a conversation with bad breath after a night out. Mouth wash is a saviour, rinse rinse and rinse… you don’t want to smell of alcohol and the breath says it all.

  1. Hydrate.. Rehyrdate.. then Hydrate some more

If you can, try and drink a pint of water before you go to bed the night before – this will cut your hangover in half the next day. If you haven’t prepared for this though, don’t worry, as long as you drink some water when you get up and keep drinking it throughout the day, you’ll begin to feel better in no time.

As well as drinking water, eye drops are a good investment too. As well as helping with bloodshot eyes in the morning, they’re cool and refreshing and can almost help ease the pain of the pounding headache you have.

  1. Pain Relief

Painkillers are your friend. Trying to talk to your boss or co-workers with an unbelievably painful headache is near impossible, and they’re going to spot straight away that you just don’t want to be there. Take some paracetamol or ibuprofen and it’ll make the day that little bit easier to get through.

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