The Benefits of Eating Greek Yogurt

Yogurt alone has many health benefits which help the body is various ways. If you are looking for a thicker, creamer version of your regular yogurt, try Greek yogurt, It comes in the same flavors or plain, and you can eat it as a snack or incorporate it in recipes, desserts and smoothies.

There are benefits to eating Greek yogurt, and comparing it to regular yogurt can help you choose which one is best for your dietary needs. This yogurt has many benefits along with a taste that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

The Benefits of Eating Plain Yogurt

1.Protein Power

  • Protein is vital for cell growth and repairing muscle tissue.
  • The older you get the more protein you need to repair cells and fight off illness.
  • The extra protein will help you feel full and leave you feeling satisfied
  • Greek yogurt averages about 13 to 20 grams of protein.

2.Hello B12

  • Vitamin B12 is needed for energy and a healthy brain function.
  • Vegetarians are often deficient in B12 because it generally is found in meats, so Greek yogurt is an excellent

3.Recovery Food

  • The protein helps to repair cells and has amino acids that help make up the building blocks for muscle recovery.
  • Greek yogurt can be a healthy and satisfying treat after a tough workout

4.Good for your insides

  • Packed with pro-biotics, the microorganisms help the intestines to be healthy and function correctly.
  • Greek yogurt and other fermented foods, such as buttermilk and sauerkraut, contain probiotics, live microorganisms
  • These bacteria microbes may help improve digestive function and the immune system

5.Tastes Fab

  • Plain Greek Yogurt tastes great alone, however you can mix it up fruit of your choice to make even more tasty.
  • Greek yogurt great for snacking is that its flavor is flexible enough to allow for a wide variety of tasty and healthy toppings
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