What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Christmas for many of us can bring with it differing meanings, for many of us Christmas is a time for sharing with family and friends, a time to escape the daily pressures of work, a time spend with our children and a time to give. However, for others Christmas can mean a warm place to stay and a hot meal.

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it the food, decorations, or music? Christmas seems to come around too quick each year, Christmas decorations are in the stores during the month of September and many of us start buying presents at the end of November before the shops start getting busier and busier.

However, as you grow up, you begin to realize that the presents are not the most important part of Christmas, some people enjoy when their family come together for the first time all year. Others may enjoy decorating the tree and baking food for people to enjoy, you begin to focus on the love and giving around this time of year. So much good happens around Christmas time because people discover how important it is to give back.

Gathering around the table with family that you hardly get to see is one of the best times of the year. Catching up on old times with childhood friends is always fun, but our personal favorite time of year is shopping for the people you care about. Thinking about finding the perfect gift that will put a smile on someone’s face makes me feel good. Christmas is so much more than the holiday of getting presents. It is truly the holiday of giving and love.

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