Will You Work The Soap Brow Trend?

With eyebrows still the beauty industry’s obsession, go big, brushed-up and boyish or go home – there’s no room for a skinny ‘90s brow – the bushier yours look the better.

Which is why this latest ‘soap brow’ trend has caught our imagination. And it’s practically free… just grab yourself a bar of soap and a well-loved spooley or an old mascara wand will do, then follow the below steps to achieve the latest trend …

Will You Work The Soap Brow Trend?

  1. Begin by defining the bottom of the brow, using your usual technique create the shape and fill in any sparse patches of your eyebrow
  2. Once your happy with the eye brow shape, use the flat edge of your brush to define the bottom of the front of the brow then make fine hair like strokes to soften the color for a suttle ombre effect.
  3. Use a spooley to comb any excess product through and brush up the brow hairs – Take your dampened soap bar (spritz your favorite mist or water spray) and rub your spooley into the soap until it is covered in light froth.
  4. Simply comb the lather through the front section of each eyebrow, ensure you don’t drag the brush or be too heavy handed – you want to create a natural looking ‘lift’ and separation. Use any excess ‘froth’ to tame and fix the rest of your brow hairs for a soft, fluffy effect.

There you have it, the new soap brow trend – will you be working the soap brow trend?


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